About me


I am 25 years old, I am studying Northern Studies and I live in Frankfurt. For me, photography is a hobby which consumes plenty of time and money since I began taking photos randomly back in 2012. I was always trying to take photos of many different motives and I surely produced a lot of not-so-great photos. But still, there are many great photos that I’m really proud of and projects that I want to realise.

Since photography is a hobby for me, I produce what I feel like – and that is mostly landscapes for the time being. Many of the photos you can see on my page have been shot in Scandinavia, especially Northern Sweden where I had been studying during the fall semester of 2014. There are also many more places in Sweden, Norway or Iceland I took decent photos of. In Germany, the nature itself is different in so many ways and I consider it harder to get a decent motive here. But anyways, I will do my best and you will surely see the results on here!

Light is the most important thing for any photo and I personally love to bring it very clearly on my camera sensor. Awesome light atmosphere, great sunsets and stunning northern lights – that’s what I’m looking for and that’s what Lightseeker Photographs stands for.